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basic actions to promote a website

To start, let's forget Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. You must start using the email address of your own website and include your web address in the signature of each message you send.

Also, remember to Include your website address in the header of your invoices, proposals, etc.

Make shared documents, contact and technical forms, marketing material, user guides, technical manuals, etc available on the website.


  • Employees use their technical manuals on CDs or DVDs ...
  • Your customers fill out forms to request services ...
  • Customers and employees use the company's price lists ...

In the examples above, the material can be placed on the website in an area restricted to staff or to registered customers. The big advantage is that you do not need to get rid of CDs, DVDs, forms, or price lists printed (paper version) if your products and prices change, because these items are easily updated on the website. So, talking about your website becomes a natural task, as it was transformed into a useful tool of you day-to-day business.

submission to directories

We register our customer's new website in all directories specific to the industry and the location of the company. We also keep these entries always updated (change of address, telephone and fax number, etc.).

blogs and forums

In collaboration with our customers, we use the plenty of blogs and forums that exist today on the Internet for the promotion of our customer's website.

building links

The search engines robots, besides detecting the contents of the websites will also detect the website internal and external links.

The amount of links that a website has indicates the authority of the website. It is as if the links were an online word-of-mouth that your company should conquer. Going back to content... if your website has good informational material, it will gain links naturally, because it will become a reference in the Internet. We work with our customer in the creation of this important network of contacts, where not only the quantity but the quality of each link is carefully evaluated.

ppc (pay-per-click)

If the website has a high competition or if you need to create a temporary promotion (sale, promotion to new customers, etc.) the PPC service can be a good option.

We analyze the benefits that a PPC campaign can bring to the customer and then manage the campaigns considering the keywords used and pages that will gain traffic.

The costs of these paid advertisements are not included in the web design packages we offer. These services work with budget, so the customer can define in advance how much to spend every day with the campaigns.

The customer participation in the project is essential; after all they are the ones who know their business and their field of expertise better than any web design company. As coders, we are experts in using the latest tools to achieve the success that our customer wants with this incredible vehicle called Internet. The partnership between Codeware Solutions and our Customer is going to ensure the project success.

measuring the results

We will not work in secret, in fact you already know through this presentation here, the largest part of our plan to transform your website into a success! A specific plan for your industry will also be considered.

Once the website is ready and active, a logging tool is installed and the results can be evaluated periodically. Knowing how many visits the website has, where visitors are coming from and how he or she found your website is very important to measure the results in addition to knowing where we should "turn the boat" if the company's goals change.