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website maintenance

The website must be prepared to grow. Besides the initial content, any website must be prepared to grow and offer visitors more information about the company and its products and services. For visitors to find your website, you will need reliable web hosting, and those options can be found here or on our website.

All websites created by Codeware Solutions uses the CMS (Content Management System), where the entire content of the website is stored in the database, enabling rapid inclusion and updates of text, photos and videos!

the biggest sales force any company can have

Your website should be seen as your best salesperson. One who "speaks" a lot about their products, but understands what your customers are expecting, in addition to working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your website is rich in content, it will become a benchmark within your industry, and will also be a reference for new employees. People in your industry will use it as an example when talking about what a website should be in order to truly get the customer to know and buy your products and services.

"My company, products and services have not changed since the last update." So ...

what else should i tell my customers?

This is a frequent question we hear from our customers. There is a different approach for each industry and we work to provide creative solutions to our customers according to their needs.

Here are some interesting ideas:

  • Include in the website any offline marketing materials that the company has already created (newspaper ads, brochures, digital presentations, etc.)
  • Encourage your customer to provide testimonials.
  • Include in the website any news that has been published on other websites about the company.
  • Build up a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Teach something to the customer. The Internet is an infinite source of tutorials and people certainly browse for HOW-TOs. For example, show your customer how to clean or maintain the product that you provide or give them detailed information about the great service you provide.